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Comprehensive security services — armed guards, a canine squad, bouncers, and computer fraud prevention

Canine Security Goa

Canine Security

Experience top-notch security services with our exceptional canine support team. Our fleet of sniffer dogs, German Shepherds, and Dobermans are expertly trained in tracking, guarding, and patrolling to ensure safety in any situation. Our army guards work seamlessly with the dog squads and can be deployed based on location and requirements. Our furry friends, known as man’s best friend, possess powerful smelling senses and lightning-fast movements. They can detect and fend off any potential threats with fierceness and loyalty towards their handlers. Trust us to provide unparalleled protection with our reliable and skilled canine squad.

Bouncers (Male & Female)

Looking for reliable security personnel for your short or long-term needs? Look no further than our team of professional, trained, and physically fit bouncers and bodyguards. We offer top-notch security services to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Bouncers Goa
Ex Servicemen Goa


Ex-servicemen and veterans can be a valuable assets for specialized security guard services in India. Their training and experience in combat situations make them ideal candidates for roles in VIP protection, disaster management, and event security. Additionally, their discipline, leadership skills, and ability to handle pressure can provide a sense of security and comfort to clients.

Computer Security

J Hawk Security adds value by integrating physical security measures with cybersecurity protocols to protect companies from fraud. They provide a human presence, monitor access points, and enforce policies, reducing the risk of unauthorized physical access and potential cybersecurity breaches. Competitors often plant an employee, to get access to company data and by employing a vigilant team of security guards you can protect your organization from harm.

Computer Security Goa
Pre Employment Checks

Pre-employment Checks

A security company may guarantee complete pre-employment screening by putting in place all the necessary safeguards. These could involve background checks, reference checks, employment verification, criminal background checks, drug tests, and evaluations of credentials and training. These inspections assist in ensuring trustworthy people for improved security services.